Homework for 02/18/2024


1) Practice aksharaalu డ, ఢ, ణ in workbook.

2) write 5 words with each aksharam.

3) Learn “ తల్లీ! నిన్ను దలంచి” prarthana padyam - must . 

4) Choose any papercraft you can make and make a video telling stepwise procedure for making that, in Telugu.  Send that video in WhatsApp group.


1. Practice reading ఊరికే తమాషాలు చేయరాదు.

2. Complete the exercises on the next page.

3. Write all the possible words using the gunintam of స, మ, న.

4. Write these sentences in Telugu - 

A. Krushi unTe manushulu rushulautaaru

B. Mahaa purushulautaaru

C. Tarataraalaku taragani velugautaru


 - Write 10-15 sentences about the movie - about a kid with Tourette syndrome and how he excelled to be Vice Principal later in his life.  Write the names of the main characters, places of this film. 

- Also - write how you feel about this movie and anything you like to add - in TELUGU only, not in English. 

-  Also - learn poems 5 and 6 from back of Madhyama-2 vaachakam and you have to recite in next class without looking.  


- Read the new lesson which was sent in email and answer the exercises 

- Learn the two new పద్యాలు and write them - including తాత్పర్యాలు. 

-  Learn the విభక్తులు-ప్రత్యయాలు and write without seeing.