Homework for 02/25/2024


1) Practice writing and reading త, థ in workbook.

2) Write 5 words with each of these 2 aksharaalu.

3) Share a video in WhatsApp - talking 3, 4 points in Telugu about your favorite USA president. 

4) Google search or listen to YouTube videos about “Chatrapathi Shivaji" to discuss in next class. (As February 19th is his birthday, we learned few things about him in class).

5) Practice Indian National Anthem — JanagaNamana. 


1. Get signatures on midterm papers & correct mistakes. 

2. ⁠We have project - choose one dish.  You have to explain to me in front of class how you can prepare that dish.  Your explanation should be in Telugu only.

 3. Please rewrite all sentences from midterm paper. 

4. ⁠Read new story from book.


- Please practice reading (5 times), writing (1time) నామరామాయణం బాలకాండం.  Record and send your reading assignment.


 Learn the two new పద్యాలు along with the poet's name and write them - including తాత్పర్యాలు

-  Learn the విభక్తులు-ప్రత్యయాలు and write without seeing.  

- Along with the తాత్పర్యాలు read the patriotic songs which are in the textbook.   Write them along with the names of the writers.