Homework for February 11, 2024


1) Practice aksharaalu ట, ఠ in workbook.

2) Write 5 words with each of those aksharaalu.

3) Choose any pattern and write all aksharaalu we learnt till now, in that pattern. 

Ex: If you choose any flower, write all aksharaalu in flower shape.


- Practice reading pages 125, 126 thoroughly.  Record while reading those sentences and send in WhatsApp.

Answer these questions.

1. Use ప, ల, క Gunintaalu and write all the possible words using the 3 gunintaalu.

Ex: పలక, పాప, కల

2. Write 5 words that end with ....లక

3. Write అక్షరమాల (alphabet) 3 times. Letters should be in perfect shape.


1. Read first 6 stories in the text book. 5 times each

2. Write 181-225 numbers in Telugu

3. Write 5 words with శ ఒత్తు & 5 words with హ ఒత్తు . 

4. Write 10 words with 2 letters having ఒత్తు. Ex: సూర్య గ్రహణం 



- Learn the new సంధులు.  Along with the definitions, write examples by using the words which are in the lessons. 

- Learn the new భాషాభాగాలు.    Along with the definitions, write examples by using the

 words/sentences which are in the lessons. 

- One new lesson / story will be sent - read that and answer the questions.