Homework for November 20th 2022


1) Complete tracing క,ఖ aksharalu in workbook.

2) Write atleast 5 words starting with క ,ఖ aksharalu with meanings in notebook.

3) Learn prarthana padyam . Next week there will be oral test of prarthana padyalu.

4) Learn maasalu  and opposites.

Note: After thanks giving break the incomplete homework's will be checked and those marks will 
          be added to midterm exam.

Madhyama 1:

Madhyama 2:

1) Write 5 words with  ర  ఒత్తు (ex: కర్ర  ) and another 5 words without ర in the word (ex: చక్రం) along with meanings. 

2) Write 5 words with ల  ఒత్తు (ex: పిల్లి ) and another 5 words without ల  in the word (ex: ప్లేటు) along with meanings. 

4) Write 5 words with  వ  ఒత్తు (ex: పువ్వు ) and another 5 words without వ in the word (ex: జ్వరం) along with meanings. 

5) Write 176-200 numbers in Telugu. 

6) Read 10 times each 'ఐకమత్యము' story in textbook and complete exercises in text book.

Utteerna 1: