Homework for November 13th 2022


1) Write all Acchulu 3 times in notebook.
2) Write 1 word for every aksharam (Acchulu).
3) Write telugu color name with a thing from your home as example.
          Ex: erupu-- Rose flower
                 gulabi-- Cellphone case 
4) Learn Prarthana padyam.


1. Complete all your homework which you didn't finished.
2. Apply Thalakattu to kommu Deergham on all Hallulu. 
3. Take dictation everyday 10 words and write meaning in English 
4. In poems section pick one poem and practice .Tell me with meaning without looking.

Madhyama 2

1) Write 5 words with  బ  ఒత్తు (ex: దెబ్బ ) and another 5 words without బ in the word (ex: బల్బు ) along with meanings. 

2) Write 5 words with భ ఒత్తు with meanings.

3) Write 5 words with  మ ఒత్తు (ex: అమ్మ) and another 5 words without మ in the word (ex: ఉప్మా) along with meanings. 

4) Write 5 words with  య ఒత్తు (ex: పొయ్యి ) and another 5 words without య in the word (ex: బాల్యస్నేహితుడు ) along with meanings. 

5) Write 151-175 numbers in Telugu. 

6) Read 10 times each 'నాలుగు తోకల ఎలుక' story in textbook. 

Utteerna 1