Homework for December 4th, 2022

                                     Happy Thanksgiving Holidays

                                            No class on 11-27-2022


1) Complete worksheets of letters గ, ఘ , జ్ఞ in workbook.

2) Write at least 5 words with the same letters in note book.

3) Learn all oral topics which we covered till now.


 1. Finish previous homework. 

2. Recite two poems which I recorded in class . 

3 . Please take 10 words dictation; write meanings in English. 
     Dictation should be Thalakattu to Ruthwam Deergham.


1) Write 5 words with  శ ఒత్తు along with meanings. 

2) Write 5 words with ష ఒత్తు with meanings.

3) Write 5 words with  స ఒత్తు (ex: బస్సు) and another 5 words without స in the word (ex:

 ఉత్సాహం) along with meanings. 

4) Write 5 words with హ ఒత్తు along with meanings. 

5) Write 200-250 numbers in Telugu. 

6) Read 20 times (Daily 2 times)  'ఏడు చేపలు' story in textbook. 

Utteerna 1: