Homework for March 31, 2024


1) Practice శ, ష , స, హ aksharalu in workbook.

2) Write 5 words with each of these aksharalu.

3) Practice perfectly all the relationships by next week (Refer to the PDF which was shared last week)

4) Oral part — Tell 2, 3 lines about Holi festival story. 

Note: Please check your kids' homework books and workbook and tell them to complete all pending homeworks. 

Tell them to write neatly.


The core syllabus is complete. 

* Practice reading and writing daily, even if it is one sentence. 

* Please review all previous homeworks and complete them.

* Learn to make your own sentences 

* Take 3 letters - write gunintam, make some words and make sentences using those words.


- Without seeing in the textbook - write all the గుణింతాలు మరియు ఒత్తులు. 

- నవగ్రహాల పేర్లు వ్రాయి. 

- 60 తెలుగు సంవత్సరాల పేర్లలో మొదటి 20 సంవత్సరాల పేర్లు చూసి వ్రాయి.