Homework for March 24, 2024


1) Complete practice sheets of aksharaalu ల, వ

2) Write 5 words starting with these aksharaalu. 

3) Learn vegetables, relationships.

4) Retell the story “Taabelu kundelu” to your parents in Telugu.


* Please read the story - తెలివైన కాకి - ఈ తరం కాకి 5 times. 

* Record all 5 times and send by Friday night, or Saturday morning.

* Time each reading and menton in your recording.  I want to see how better you did  

   each time. 

* Write the story 1 time.

* Understand the vocabulary words in the story.


- రెండు పాఠాలు నీ స్వంత వాక్యాలలో వ్రాయాలి.   

- సంధులు అన్నీ వ్రాయాలి. 

- Finish all the unfinished homework