Homework for October 23rd 2022


1) Complete tracing aksharalu ఎ, ఏ in textbook.

2) Write 10 words with same aksharaalu ఎ, ఏ in note book.

3) Learn 1st Prarthana padyam and Vemana padyam from textbook.

4) Revise all oral part we learned till now.

Madhyama 1:

 1. Write Thalakattu, Dheergham, Gudi, Gudi Dheergham.  Apply all Hallulu . 

     You don’t have to write ఞ / “Ini”

 2. Prepare for dictation.

Madhyama 2:

1) Write 2 words with  ఢ ఒత్తు with meanings. 

2) Write 10 words with  ణ ఒత్తు with meanings. 

3) Write 5 words with  త ఒత్తు (ex: ఒత్తు) and another 5 words without త in the word (ex: రక్తము)    

     along with meanings. 

4) Write 5 words with థ ఒత్తు  (Ex: ప్రార్థన) with meanings.

5) Write 76 -100 numbers in Telugu. 

6) Read 'పావురములు' story in textbook and complete all exercises after the story. 

Utteerna 1:

- వాచకం లోని 25వ పుట లోని ప్రశ్నలకు జవాబులు వ్రాయండి