Homework for 10/30/2022


- Complete tracing all aksharalu from అ to ఓ in workbook.

- Write 5 words with aksharalu ఐ, ఒ, ఓ  in notebook.

- Arrange the scrambled aksharlu ౠ, ఋ, ఇ, ఎ, ఏ, అ, ఆ, ఈ, ఉ, ఊ  in order .

- Learn first prarthana padyam తొండమునేకదంతము. 


 -  Textbook Pages from 7 to 28

- Next week dictation - till 'kommulu', Colors, numbers, Week names

- Write Talakattu, Deergham, gudi, Gudi deergham, Kommu, apply in Hallulu.

 - Take dictation everyday - 10 words


1) Write 5 words with  ద ఒత్తు (ex:అద్దము) and another 5 words without ద in the word (ex: మర్దనం)     along with meanings. 

2) Write 5 words with ధ ఒత్తు with meanings.

3) Write 101-125 numbers in Telugu. 

4) Read 10 times each 'చీమ-పక్షి', 'సింహము-ఎలుక', 'పావురములు' stories in textbook.