Homework for January 30, 2022


- Just revise all the concepts

Madhyama - 1 

 1. అన్ని హల్లులతో తలకట్టు నుంచి ఓత్వం వరకు 3 సార్లు రాయండి. ( please write 3 times from thalakattu to ottwam deergham ); say while writing. 

2. Special letters ఘ, ఝ, మ, య, హ (ఒత్వం, ఓత్వం)  practice 10 times 

3. Pages 57 & 59 - practice sentence and dictation. (every day minimum 10 words sentence) 

4. We are going to discuss single-family and joint-family (ఉమ్మడి కుటుంబం, వ్యక్తి గత కుటుంబం)

5. We are going to write Names of the Week in  Telugu. 

6. Start reading the first story from the textbook. (ఊరికే  తమాషాలు చేయరాదు).

Madhyama - 2: 

Midterm Exam on 1.30.2022:

Prepare for the Exam : Read all stories, learn all poems, National songs, and practice ottulu with words as discussed in today's class.

Utteerna - 1: 

Utteerna - 2:

Prepare well for the mid-term exam.