Homewdue on 01/08/2022

*********    Winter holidays ************
"Happy Holidays and be safe".

Christmas Holiday 12/25/2021
New Year Holiday 01/01/2022

No Classes on December 26, 2021 and January 2, 2022


1) Practice all the letters till we completed and write 3 times in notebook in a pattern.
2) Learn prarthana padyalu and first 2 vemana padyaalu from workbook.
3) Revise the oral concepts and stories.
4) Refer to google classroom for midterm exam syllabus.

Madhyama I

1. క   నుంచి ఱ  వరకు  తలకట్టు  నుంచి ఐత్వం వరకు 3 times  రాయాలి 
    క , కా , కి , కీ , కు  కూ , కె  కే , కై ,  ( 5 times )  అన్ని హల్లులు  రాయాలి 
2.  Make sure to write 10 words dictation in Telugu, Read  10 words, make 10 sentences every day....every day. 
4. How many Telugu festivals do you know?   What are they?  Name it. 
 5. Think and write about Sankranti.  ( important food, how many days we celebrate, what is the specialty of Sankranti)
Weekdays in Telugu, 
1. vegetables 
2. Ruthuvulu, Kaalalu  ( ఋతువులు , కాలాలు , నెలలు )
3. numbers  one to 10 in Telugu
4. Colors  in Telugu  ( make sentences  ) 

Madhyama II:
This Homework is due on January 5, 2022.
1) Practice the Poem Appichivadu... (3rd poem in Text poem) with meaning as learned in the class.
2) Also Practice Sriramuni dayachetanu.. and Akkaraku raani chuttamu.. poems with meaning as learned in earlier classes.
Everyone should recite/tell in the next class.
3) Write 251-300 numbers in Telugu.
4) Read 10 times each  'Cheema Pakshi', Simhamu-Eluka' and 'Paavuramulu' stories from text book and complete the exercises at end of each story.

UttirNa I
Pick 3 lessons
1. practice reading the lesson as many times as you need to be comfortable
2. Record the lesson summary in your own words and send.
3. Write the summary in your own words and send.

UttirNa II
Finished reading the lesson "కృతజ్ఞత" in the class.

1. Read the lesson again 2 times
2.Write the వ్యతిరేకపదాలు for the words discussed in the class.
3. Write the భాషాభాగాలు for the words from the lesson.