Homework due on 12-18-2021

Christmas Holiday - 12/25-12/26

New Year Holiday - 1/1/2022 - 1/2/2022


1) Complete the workbook sheets of letters డ, ఢ, ణ.

2) Write 5 words with these letters.

3) Learn first 2 vemana padyalu from workbook.

4) Learn prarthana padyaalu.

5) Come prepare to tell one story next week.

6) There will be oral test next week.

Madhyama I

1)Take dictation till yethwam, yethwam pollu aythwam . : every day min 10 words 

2) Read sentences and words 

3) Translate and write sentences posted in google classroom into Telugu. 

4) Write at least 10 words Telugu to English / English to Telugu

5) Write 10 names ( no vothulu, don't cross yethwam ).

Madhyama II

1) Learn the poem Akkaraku raani chuttamu..with meaning. Everyone should recite/tell in the next class 

2)  Write 10 words with ‘Ksha’ letter.

3)  Write 10 words with ‘Rrha’ Otto.

4) Write 201-250 numbers in Telugu.

5) Read 5 times Simhamu-Eluka story in text book and complete exercises at end of the story

Utteerna I

1) Pick any lesson from 1-6 lessons.

2) Read thoroughly

3) Practice telling the lesson summary in Telugu in your own words

4) Tell the summary in the next class to everyone

Utteerna II

Answer the questions from "ముగ్గరు అన్నదమ్ములు" పాఠం.