Homework for October 24th

Special note:

Please join the outdoor picnic organized by TCA on 24th October. Email with details sent out by TCA.


Kitty Hollow Park 11AM - 4 PM in Missouri City. Pavilion E

RSVP at http://evite.me/xNz5yhw5rE (for planning the food and other logistics)
Covid protocols are followed.


1) Write aksharalu from ‘అ’ to ‘ఔ’ 3 times in composition book and write at least 3 to 5 words with aksharalu  ఒ,ఓ,ఔ.
2) Trace and complete the page numbers 27, 28, 29 in workbook.
3) Revise the numbers from 0 to 60.
4) Revise "Animals", " Ruthuvulu" and "Days of the week".
5) Come prepared to talk about any Halloween character or story or Halloween festival in next class.
Note: Try to talk in Telugu.

Madhyama 1

1. Complete page No. 26, 27, 28, 29
2. Worksheets in the middle of the book page 83 
     complete all hallulu  from ka to bandiraa  (only thalakattu, deergham, gudi, gudi deergham ) complete (rest leave ) 
3. Take dictation everyday 10 words (only thalakattu, deergham, gudi, gudi deergham) 
4. Review Maasaalu, Ruthuvulu  and kaalaalu (seasons) we will discuss about it. 
5. You have to listen everyday one story in Telugu and understand and try to write hard words (which you don't understand) write meaning in English.
6. First  poem from text book  and " Prarthana "poems I am going to ask you in next class.

Madhyama 2

1) Divide the Animals (names) into parts using pollu.
    Example: పిల్లి-------- ప్ +ఇ , ల్+ ల్+ ఇ
2) Make a table with 2 columns and write fruits name and its color in each column in Telugu.
    Refer to text book for list of fruits.
2) Write numbers in backward from 100 to 80.
3) Complete page numbers 15,17 and 18 in workbook.

ఉత్తీర్ణ 1

1.Read నిజాయతి బహుమతి 1st page 3 times.
2.Write all the underlined/tough words 5 times each
3. Identify and write ద్విత్వాక్షరం, సంయుక్తాక్షరం from each underlined word.

ఉత్తీర్ణ 2
Complete the exercises for నామవాచకం, సర్వనామం, క్రియ,  విశేషణం, అవ్యయం.
త్వరగా చదవడం, వ్రాయడం (తప్పులు లేకుండ) సాధన చేయండి.