Homework for October 17th 2021.

 Happy Devi Navaratri and  Vijayadashami to all. 

Happy Bathukamma.


1) Write Aksharalu from ‘అ’ to ‘ఐ’ 3 times in composition book.
2) Learn తొండమునేక దంతము and చేతవెన్న ముద్ద prarthana padyam by next week.
3) Revise the numbers from 0 to 60.
4) Revise "Animals" ," Ruthuvulu" and "Days of a week".
5) Observe any photo or idol of any god and kids should tell about that in next class.
       (points like color of the god, weapons in the hand, vahanam of that god etc., as we discussed in class).

Madhyama I
. Review " Telugu Maasaalu" 
2. Review " Ruthuvulu " 
3. Relation between Maasaalu and Ruthuvulu. 
4.  page practice 3 times
5. Take thalakattu and deergham  words dictation everyday.  
6. we are going to learn gudi and gudi deerham in Wednesday 
7. first poem with meaning you should recite  

Madhyama II

1) Read 2 stories చీమ-పక్షి and సింహము-ఎలుక and write ఒత్తు పదాలు (from క to ఫ) in composition book.
2) Write numbers in backward from 120 to 100.
3) Complete page numbers 8, 9 in workbook.
4) Learn "ఎవ్వనిచే జనించు" Prarthana padyam .

ఉత్తీర్ణ I

1. Write any 10 sentences in English, translate and write in Telugu.
Ex: I wake up at 6 AM in the morning, and go to school on the bus at 8 AM.
2. Practice reading those 10 sentences in Telugu, 10 times, until you can say them thoroughly.
We need to get better at reading and writing fast. 

ఉత్తీర్ణ II

1. Complete exercises for నామవాచకం, సర్వనామం, క్రియ.
2. మీ ఇంట్లో గమనించి, మీకు తెలిసినంత వరకు, ఏ సహాయం లేకుండా నవరాత్రి పండుగ గురించి వ్రాయండి. At least half page, 5 small paragraphs.