Homework for March 19, 2023

  As it is Spring Break, we will have no classes on this Sunday, 12th. 

Next classes are on 19th. 


1. Practice writing త, థ in the textbook.  Write these in the notebook also.

2. Write new words with త, థ. 

3. Keep on practicing ట, ఠ, డ, ఢ, ణ also. 

4. Be thorough with ప్రార్ధన పద్యాలు


1. learn : ఋతువులు, మాసాలు 

2. write meaning in English and write simple sentence. 

3. complete ఉమ్మడికుటుంబం, వ్యష్టి కుటుంబం (single family)

4. create words స, శ, ష