Homework for October 9th 2022

                            No Classes on October 2, 2022 for Navarathri/Dussehra.

Prathamika :

- Write 10 words each with ఉ, ఊ.  Don't repeat the same words which are in the text book. Write new  


- Learn 'prarthana' poem - "తొండమునేకదంతమును". 

- Send audio in WhatsApp group - about how you celebrated దసరా పండుగ.  Send this in Telugu only. 

Madhyama - 1

Madhyama - 2

1) Write 5 words with  జ ఒత్తు (ex: బొజ్జ) and another 5 words without జ in the word (ex: ఘర్జన). 

2) Write 3 words with  ఝ ఒత్తు 

3) Write 2 words with  ఞ ఒత్తు (ex: ఆజ్ఞ ). 

4) Practice 'ఎవ్వనిచే జనించు…..'  poem (2nd one in page 2) from text book

5) Write 21-50 numbers in Telugu.

6) Read చీమ-పక్షి story in text book and complete all exercises after the story, if not done in classroom. 

Utteerna - 1