Homework due for September 18th 2022.


1) Write aksharalu అ, ఆ 10 times in notebook.

2) Write atleast 5 words with same Aksharalu along with meanings as shown in class.

3) Learn చిట్టి చిలకమ్మ Rhyme.

4) Learn anyone Prardhana Padyam.

5) Come prepared to tell any story about Lord Ganesha in Telugu.


1. Dheeraj & Reyansh - Write all alphabets (achulu, hallulu) in order-form - 3 times everyday. (you have to say the letter loudly) 

2 . All Hallulu  … though thalakattu, above thalakatttu…..no Thalakattu - every day 1time. 

3. Mahathi … you have to write all alphabets everyday one time. 

4. All three students 

Take dictation every day - 10 words with base letters from the 'text book'.


1. Write your full name 10 times in Telugu 

2.  Learn నీ పాద కమల సేవయు  పద్యం from Madhyama 2 book

3. Write 5 words with ఖ ఒత్తు 

4. Write 5 words with గ ఒత్తు with గ letter (ex: ముగ్గు) and another 5 words without గ ఒత్తు (ex: దుర్గ )

5. Write 21-50 numbers in telugu.