Homework due on 4/23

Pratamika :

1) Read Page no.34 words .
2) Write all  aksharalu for 2 times in defined pattern.
3) Learn all vemana padyaalu.
4) Revise maasalu, vegetables,vaaralu, feelings, opposites.

Note: Final exam will be on may 8th . 

Madhyama 1

1. Read the stories from the book.  We are going to write questions and answers  
2. Directions ( దిక్కులు )          
3. Poems …. last chance to learn all poems  
4. Make a sentence: 

while making sentences please do not use vothulu. read your sentence after you write if necessary correct it. 
     కింద,  పైన  పక్కన   మధ్యలో   వెనుకాల   ముందర   నేను   మనం  మనమందరం     

     అది    ఇది    ఎవరు    ఎవరిది     ఎందుకు    ఎంత    మీరు     మేము    నువ్వు

Madhyama 2:

1) Homework as said in class  - Write all the words dictated in class, with meaning. 

2) Refresh all 7 Poems in the text book along with meaning.

3) Refresh all 7 stories in the text book.

Final Exam : May 8, 2022

Uttirna 1
Final exams on May 7th. Study well.

Uttirna 2

Prepare well for the exams.