Homework due on 4/23

Pratamika :

1) Read words in Page no. 34
2) Write all  aksharaalu for 2 times in defined pattern.
3) Learn all Vemana padyaalu.
4) Revise maasaalu, vegetables, vaaraalu, feelings, opposites.

Note: Final exam will be on may 8th . 

Madhyama 1

1. Read the stories from the book.  We are going to write questions and answers  
2. Directions (దిక్కులు)          
3. Poems …. last chance to learn all poems  
4. Make a sentence: 

while making sentences please do not use ottulu; read your sentence after you write; if necessary correct it. 

     కింద,  పైన, పక్కన, మధ్యలో, వెనకాల, ముందర, నేను, మనం, మనమందరం.     

     అది,  ఇది, ఎవరు, ఎవరిది, ఎందుకు, ఎంత, మీరు, మేము, నువ్వు.

Madhyama 2:

1) Homework as said in class  - Write all the words dictated in class, with meaning. 

2) Refresh all 7 Poems in the text book along with meaning.

3) Refresh all 7 stories in the text book.

Final Exam : May 8, 2022

Utteerna 1

Final exams on May 7th. Study well.

Utteerna 2

Prepare well for the exams.