Homework for March 13, 2022

Note: We won't have classes on March 20th - 'Spring Break Holiday'. 


1) Complete శ, ష, స, హ aksharalu in workbook.
2) Write 5 words with those aksharalu in notebook.
3) Write Ruthuvulu (seasons) in English for 2 times.
4} Learn “ మేడిపండు చూడ “ Vemana padyam


1. Those who did not finish or finished with more mistakes while writing ఆవు, మా బడి,  శివరాత్రి -  rewrite clearly.

 2. Those who did not do picture work (కూరలు, పూలు, సాదు జంతువులు, క్రూర జంతువులు) -  complete it. 

3. Every day take minimum 10 words dictation, write meanings in English, make it sentence. 

4. Write 10 words with these ottulu ...... 

చ్చ, ల్ల, ట్ట, వ్వ, న్న, ద్ద, త్త, డ్డ ......


1) Read the story sent in WhatsApp group for 10 times and make sure to read within 6 minutes.

2) Learn poems 1 to 6 from the text book along with Bhavam (meaning). 

3) Write following words' meanings in Telugu (make sure the Telugu words should have ottu in each word).

- Flower Bouquet

- Poetry

- Libraries

- News Papers

- Discipline

- Wildlife

- importance

- Pollution

- Eradication

- Patriotism

- Civil Rights

- Disappearance


దిక్కులు - read 3 times, and complete all exercises

1. మీ ఇల్లు ఏ దిక్కున ఉంది?

2. మన రాష్ట్రం ఏ దిక్కున ఉంది?

3. Sun shine,  Sun rays - తెలుగులో ఏమంటారు?

4. సూర్యుడు ఉదయిస్తే ఏమి అవుతుంది? (write minimum 3-5 sentences)

5. సూర్యుడు అస్తమిస్తే ఏమవుతుంది? (write minimum 3-5 sentences)

6. సూర్యుని వలన ఉపయోగాలు ఏమిటి? (write minimum 3-5 sentences)

7. Complete the questions that I gave in the class also (you should have written it already)


- A story will be sent in email.  Read that story.  

- Prepare some of your own questions from that story and write answers to those questions. 

-  Read and learn the "వృద్ధి సంధి", "యణాదేశ సంధి" - నిర్వచనం, సంధి ఉదాహరణలు. 

and write them two times.