Homework due on 11/7/2021------ Happy Deepavali everyone.


Happy Deepavali everyone.

1) Complete aksharalu క,ఖ in workbook page numbers 58,59 .
2) Write 5 example words with క,ఖ in notebook.
3) Count your halloween candies till 69. (share your numbers audio in watsapp)
4) Prepare to talk about "Deepavali" festival  in next class.

Madhyama 1
1.  page35, page 37 , page 36 meaning in English, page 37  (May be  pages numbers will different my book and your book , complete kommu and kommu deegham from text book)
2. Take dictation every day 10 words  ( kommu , kommu deegham) 
3. try to learn 3 poems 
4.  Make simple sentence with the help of thalakattu, deergham, gudi, gudi deegham, kommu, kommu dheergham. 

 మా వూరు గుడివాడ 
మా భాష  తీపి భాష 
మురికి గా ఉండకు

Madhyama 2

1) Practice య,ర ఒత్తులు and wrire 5 ditvaksharalu and 5 samyukthaksharalu with each votthu.
2) Learn తొండమునేకదంతము padyam.
3) Practice Vandemataram song and write these words 3 times each.
     1) సస్య     2) శ్యామలాం   3) శుభ్రజ్యోత్స్నా   4) ద్రుమదళ
4) Prepare to talk about festival "Deepavali"

ఉత్తీర్ణ 1

Finish any pending homework from previous weeks.
Byheart the Bank, Medical vocabulary words, there will be quiz in the next class.
We started on 5th lesson, మేలు మరచిన మహారాజు. Read 1st 4 paragraphs throughly, and write the summary in Telugu, in your own words.

ఉత్తీర్ణ 2
1 Complete any previous pending homework 
2 Listen to the youtube video on అష్ట సిద్ధులు. Write all the 8, and any unfamiliar words and meaning from that video.
3 Complete the కాలాలు exercises from the pdf that is sent to your email. Finish exercises in page 34.