Home-work - 2020-2021

 Home-work for September 13th: 

Prathamika - 

- Write ఇ, ఈ, ఉ, ఊ  alphabets 10 times each.

- Write at least 5 words with meanings in English for each letter.

- Learn first 10 animals.

- Learn Prarthana padyalu - తొండమునేక దంతము, చేతవెన్న ముద్ద.

- Retell stories - ఆవు-పులి, ఊరికే తమాషాలు చేయరాదు to parents or siblings to revise vocabulary words.

Note: check your google classroom for textbook and due date to submit homework.


Madhyama-1 - 

Madhyama-2 - 

Utteerna-1 - 

- Write the answers of all the questions from "శ్రీకృష్ణదేవరాయల కల".  

- Practice reading the lesson thoroughly.  After we receive the text books, we will have Reading         test and Dictation test too. 

 - Learn the ప్రార్థన పద్యాలు which are in the text book. 

- Read "వందేమాతరం" song.

Utteerna-2 -  

- Practice reading the lessons "దైవం-నైవేద్యం", "నిజాయతి" thoroughly; 

- Write 15 sentences about the Engineer -"నిజాయతి" lesson - after searching in the 'net. 

- Read and learn "వందేమాతరం" and ప్రార్థన పద్యాలు.