Homework for May 9th 2021.


1) Practice writing letters without any mistake and write 2 times for homework.
2) Learn all the padyaalu with bhavam in own words.
3) Check the google classroom for vocabulary words and learn them.
4) There will be vocabulary revision test this Sunday from the stories we learned.

Note: Final exam will be on Sunday- May 16th 2021. 

 For Oral exam, timeslots will be posted in WhatsApp group after written test.

Madhyama 1:

1. Prepare for final exam - it is  going to be on 23rd May 2021. 

2. Read number of stories - mention in classwork about which story you read and hard words, meanings in English for hard words. (date - which day you read a story, under the date story heading and hard words) (I attached few stories, you can find different stories online).

3. Understand 'professions' and write what you say in English and make a sentence. 

4.  Learn "Vande Matharam" song, you can present on Graduation day.  We are going to have Graduation in zoom . 

5. We are going to review what we learnt and discuss for final exam. 

6.  What is your favorite animal?  Can you write about it 5 to 8 lines? (if you want you can submit this weekend or next weekend). 

7. One who did not attend the class, they need to tell about advertisement .

Madhyama 2:

1) Learn all 60 Telugu year names. Should be in a position to tell them without looking. This is last chance for those who did not learn yet.
2) As we learned the Poem (Sriramuni dayachetanu..) in the class, learn till you get without seeing.  Should be able to read the Bhavamu as given in the book and understand the poem’s meaning.
3) Practice all 10 stories learned so far for final exam.
4) Final Exam will be on 23rd of May, 2021.
5) Don’t miss next 2 weeks’ classes.

Utteerna 1 & Utteerna 2:

Practice the song "జయ జయ జయ ప్రియ భారత జనయిత్రి ".