Homework for May 16, 2021


- Do revision.  Learn all the concepts and prepare for exam .


-  Read both stories which are in Google Class - "kaaki andam" & "Amma Maata".   

      Questions will be asked and you need to write answers to those questions.

- Review all the syllabus. 

- Send recorded video  - "Advertisement project" (everyone)

- Learn "Vande Matharam" song


1) Learn all 60 Telugu year names.  Should be in a position to tell them without looking.  This is last chance for those who did not learn yet.

2) Read and prepare all chapters in text book.

3) Practice all 10 stories learned so far for final exam.

4) Final Exam will be on 23rd of May, 2021.

5) Don’t miss last 2 classes.

Utteerna-1 & Utteerna-2:

- Practice reading the 4 new poems which are in U-1 textbook.