Homework For April 25th 2021.


1) Read the words from the page number 114 of the workbook and send me the audio.
2) Read the sentences given in google classroom and send me audio.
3) Write same google classroom sentences 3 times each in notebook .
       Note:  please try to read while writing them .
4) Learn the padyam “తప్పులెన్నువారు” by May 2nd .

Madhyama 1:

Madhyama 2:

1) Learn all 60 Telugu year names. Should be in a position to tell them without looking.

2) As we learned the Poem (Eppudu sampada..) in the class, learn till you get without seeing. Should be able to read the Bhavamu as given in the book and understand the poem’s meaning.

3) Practice all 10 stories learned so far for final exam.

4) Final Exam will be either 3rd or 4th Sunday of May.

Utteerna 1 & 
Utteerna 2:

- Prepare well for the Final Exam.