Homework for March 7th 2021


1) Complete the letters మ, య, ర in workbook. 2) Write 5 vocabulary words with same letters in notebook. 3) Write these letters attaching 'sunna' in notebook. 4) Learn మేడిపండు, కులములోన నొకడు padyams . 5) Write the dictation words each 3 times. Note: Refer to google classroom for words.

Madhyama 1:

1. Read తాబేలు కుందేలు కథ.  Underline hard words and write the meanings. 

2. Write meanings of the words in English and make sentences - check google classroom for these           words. 

Madhyama 2:

1) Learn Vandemataram from text book.  Need to sing in the class on 3/7/2021.

2) Practice Ramaiah-Raabandhu story as given in the WhatsApp group message fluently and same should be read in the next class on 3/7/2021.

3) As we learned the Poem (Appichuvaadu) in the class, recite till you get without seeing.  I will ask you in the next class along with the meaning.

Utteerna 1:

- Start revising the lessons

- Start learning and writing the poems.

- Write ఋతువులు - నెలలు, పక్షములు, తిథులు, వారములు in order and send. 

- Send audio of Reading and also writing  - 10 lines each day.

Utteerna 2:

1. Write the poem "ధర సింహాసనమై" 2 times and send
2. "ఇంద్రద్యుమ్నుడి కీర్తి" పాఠంలోని ప్రశ్నలకు, వ్యతిరేక పదాలకు సమాధానాలు పంపించాలి.
3. Keep reading the poem "ఆలు నిర్వాహకురాలు"; and it's తాత్పర్యం