Homework for April 4, 2021


1) Write aksharaalu from అ to హ 3 times in notebook.

2) Write dictation words 3 times each. (refer to google classroom).

3) Learn కాలములోన , వేరుపురుగు padyaalu.

4) Refer to google class room for story and observe the vocabulary words.

5) Come prepared to talk about Holi and Ugadi festivals.


 1. Answer the "Directions" questions.

2. Every day make 5 new vocabulary words and make sentences

3. Read new story.


 1) Write 20 City names with Ottu in each name. 

2) Practice ‘Pilli medalo ganta’ story as given in WhatsApp group fluently and learn the meaning of the story and every word meaning in the story. You should read in the next class on 4/4/2021.

3) As we learned the Poem (Icchunade vidya..) in the class, recite till you get without seeing. Should be able to read the Bhavamu quickly as given in the book and understand the poem’s meaning.


- Send the audio of "ఆలు నిర్వాహకురాలు" పద్యం.  

- Write the ప్రార్థన పద్యాలు - "తొండమునేక దంతమును", "తల్లీ! నిన్నుతలంచి" - two times each. 

- Do all the Exercises of the lesson - "మేలు మరచిన మహారాజు".  

- Send all these as early as possible. 

- Send daily audio of any story - 10 sentences/day


Write "ఆలు నిర్వాహకురాలు" పద్యం 2 times.

- Daily write 10 sentences from any story and send daily. 

- Do the exercises from the lesson - "కవిత్రయం", "దైవం-నైవేద్యం".

Send all these as early as possible.