Home-work for 2/14/2021


1) Write aksharaalu from అ to న 5 times in notebook.

2) Complete the aksharaalu ద, ధ, న in workbook sheets.

3) Write at least 3 to 5 words with those aksharaalu in note book.

4) Learn Vemana padyam -“చిత్తశుద్ధి కలిగి”.

5) Record and send any story related to Lord Ganesha or Lord Krishna by Saturday in our WhatsApp group.

Note: Just random test will be conducted next week from the topics we learned till now.


1. Complete the attachment and try to make sentence.  

2. Learn poems 

3. Read the story కుందేలు తాబేలు కథ.  If you find any  hard words note it.

4. దిక్కులు ఎన్ని?  వాటిని ఏమని పిలుస్తాం?


1) Write 231-270 in Telugu

2) Write 20 words with ఒత్తు in every word in Telugu with meanings in English.  Make sure we have not written these words earlier in this year.

3) Find a small Telugu story on your own from Internet, read at home and same should be read in the next class on 2/14/2021.


- Keep reading the poem "ధర సింహాసనమై.." and learn it.  Send your audio of reciting this poem.  Understand the meanings and తాత్పర్యం.

- Do the exercises given at the back of the lesson "ప్రాణస్నేహితులు" 

- Keep on practicing reading and writing తెలుగు వాక్యాలు.  Write and send 10 sentences daily. 

 - Write the numbers from 900 to 1,000  in  తెలుగు and send before Saturday


- Read and understand the విభక్తులు.  Write those and send by Saturday or as early as possible. (Check the links posted in Google Classroom.) 

- Keep reading the poem "ధర సింహాసనమై.."and learn it.  Write and send it.  Also send your audio of reciting this poem.  Understand the meanings and తాత్పర్యం. 

- Write the numbers from 1,000 to 1,100 in  తెలుగు and send before Saturday.