Home-work for 21/2/21


1) Write at least 3 Telugu words with all Acchulu in English.
2) Write all hallulu what we learnt adding “Sunna” to them.
  Examples: కం, ఖం, గం
3) Listen to the story what I sent in the WhatsApp group then try to write the meanings for  some vocabulary words you know.
Note for this question: (Minimum words should be 10 for kids of age 9 and above)  (Kindergarten kids can just record the audio of words and send in WhatsApp group).
4) Learn “మేడిపండు చూడ” padyam.



 1) Write 271-300 in Telugu

2) Write 20 words with ఒత్తు in every word in Telugu with meanings in English.  Make sure we have not written these words earlier in this year.

3) Find a small Telugu story just like last week on your own from Internet, read at home until you can read fluently and same should be read in the next class on 2/21/2021.


-- Read any story along with story name from the google classroom link and send the audio in WhatsApp group.
-- Write the numbers from 1,000  to 1075 in  తెలుగు and send before Saturday
-- Keep on practicing reading and writing తెలుగు వాక్యాలు.  Write and send 10 sentences daily


- Read and understand the lesson “ఇంద్రద్యుమ్నుడి కీర్తి”. 

- Send numbers in Telugu -  from 1101-1150

- Learn the poem thoroughly.

- Learn the విభక్తులు