Home-Work - 9/27/2020

Homework for September 27, 2020 



1) Everyday try to talk in Telugu with your parents.

2) Neat handwriting and submission of homework on-time is must.

Writing homework:

1) Complete the workbook sheets with letters ఎ, ఏ, ఐ.

2) Write at least 5 words starting with these letters in notebook.

Reading homework:

1) Learn thoroughly the numbers from 0 to 30 without confusion.

2) Learn prarthana padyaalu— తొండము నేకదంతము, చేత వెన్నముద్ద.

4) Revise the concepts - Colors & Animals from textbook, Vocabulary words from stories ఊరికే తమాషాలు చేయరాదు, ఆవు-పులి.

5) Talking topic for next week - Any experience from your India Trip (vacation).

Madhyama 1:

1. Create Family hierarchy Chart (1.కుటుంబం  2. ఉమ్మడి కుటుంబం  ) 

2. Learn ఋతువులు 

3.  Every day write 10 words Dictation ( please choose the  challenging words, like three or four letters) (write words తలకట్టు, దీర్ఘం, గుడి, గుడి దీర్ఘం); (try to make small sentence) 

4.  Everyday read 10 words (if possible more words)

5.  Learn  2nd poem from poems section.

Madhyama 2:

As instructed to Kids in the class. 

Also Learn Prarthana padyalu in page 2 and 3 of text book.

Utteerna 1:

- Write the answers for the questions and other exercises from the new lesson. 

 Daily send the audio recording of Reading 10 sentences from the current lessons.  

- Write “అమ్మలగన్నయమ్మ…” పద్యం.

Utteerna 2:

 1. Read the new lesson “కవిత్రయం” and understand.  We will learn next week. 

2. Reading Test - from any of the lessons and ప్రార్ధన పద్యాలు (అమ్మలగన్నయమ్మ, 

    శ్రీకృష్ణా!  యదుభూషణా!) - 10-minute test.  So, practice reading these thoroughly.

 3. Read one Telugu story from "పెద్ద బాలశిక్ష" write it in your own words."